For those who want to follow the World Cup there are a couple of options.

The FIFA site has a live play by play widget that shows descriptions of what is happening:

"The striker recives the ball from CENTENO Walkter (CRC) and slips Germany's two central defender to fire past LEHMANN Jens (GER) for the second time in this match"

This format might be interesting in baseball (can’t be worse then watching it) it doesn’t really work with soccer. Reading the game like it’s a book is just not exciting.

Google has a great widget for their personalised page that is simple but has all you need. Just a search on World Cup will get you the score of the current games and there is a link for the widget.

It auto update it self with the time in the match, the score, who scored and who’s on the field. It also has tabs for standings and a match schedule.

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