I love Wendy’s. I think out of the 3 burger chains they are by far the best. Through High School and College Wendy’s has earned a large chunk of my cash.

But now they are just being dumb. They’ve restructured their value meals to have 3 sizes of fries and drink. The old medium will now be a small, the old large (or Biggie as the term was) will now be a medium, and they have invented an even larger then large size to be the new large.

These sizes are ridiculous. Do they really need their own anti Wendy’s movie before they take the queue from McDonald’s and start getting healthy and sizing down the meals.

I think this is one of the worst moves they have made in a long time. So far this has made news headlines in several places and is for the most part being ridiculed. Hopefully with enough out cry they will restore order to the Wendy’s kingdom.