While I am happily employed it’s been interesting watching the design job listings on 37 signals. It was an interesting choice for 37 signals to start a job posting board and to charge $250 for a 30 listing. They knew they had the eyes and ears of both people in the industry and the people who want to be in it. It’s not hard to see them hosting resumes for another obscene amount of money.

An interesting point about the listing is the order they list the categories. Design is first, followed by programming, with Miscellaneousranked above executive (which is just amusing).

Unlike craigslist all of the listings for the whole world are on the same page which creates a unique view of the world. Where are the people whounderstand the web starting their companies. It seem like all people are talking about the bay area but as the image shows there are startups all around the country.

Here’s a quick map of American and where the 30 listings on 37 signals currently are. I’ve yet to master the Google maps API for a dynamic map based off the rss feed. maybe next time.

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