Welcome to the first step of many in updating this dingy old web site. As I sign up for more and more web services across the internet I slowly lose time I could be devoting to adding content to this site.

This leave me with two options. I could stop using other web services (like Del.icio.us) and save my links here or I can start to combine these services back in to this site and let me update content here while still using outside services.

The first step is changing up my del.icio.us feed to integrate in to my rss. Now if I update del.icio.us or this blog they will both appear in the rss feed, so subscribe today.

I don’t intend to flood you with new content but hopefully I will finally be able to point out really interesting content that I would not have included with the web site previously.

Update: well it was working for a bit and now something broke... look for it in the near future. OKay that was not as hard as i thought it world be.

Update 2: Sorry for making your rss reader go crazy. I’m 100% sure it’s all fixed now.