TV Edition: Last Comic Standing

I plan on trying to document my TV viewing more.. mostly cause I’m starting to forget what the hell I’ve been watching.

I’m so happy that Iliza Shlesinger won last comic standing. Women comics have a bad rap and it goes to the core where a lot of comics don’t think women are funny either. Not only has she risen above the fray she won because she was picked on and got to preformed 2 amazing sets while every one else sat in the back room. Poor choice fellas.

also check Iliza out on The Weakly News

P.S. Get a new host LCS. Really.

draft of the 2008 Democratic National Committee platform

The draft of the 2008 Democratic National Committee platform is out and although it will be changed some here is my favorite part:


We will lift the veil of secret deals in Washington by publishing searchable, online information about federal grants, contracts, earmarks, loans, and lobbyist contacts with government officials. We will make government data available online and will have an online video archive of significant agency meetings. We will put all non-emergency bills that Congress has passed online for five days, to allow the American public to review and comment on them before they are signed into law. We will require Cabinet officials to have periodic national online town hall meetings to discuss issues before their agencies.

via Democratic Convention Watch

Justine Larbalestier’s Font Question

Justine Larbalestier was confused about why you would care what font you wrote something in. There are some very good comments but this is what I had to say:

For the most part any font you can read will do. But a lot of authors do talk lot about the experience of writing. Some find writing in certain places make it more enjoyable or even helps them produce a different quality of work. Lot of authors yearn to write a novel on an old typewriter to get the feel of how those old timey writers did it. I posit that the font you chose can have a similar effect. Perhaps if you like listening to music to set your mood you might want to chose a font that better reflect the type of mood you are trying to give. Some fonts are contemporary and some classic. Some are airy and light while some are dark and foreboding. I'm not saying it will get you any different results but enough authors seem to talk about setting up the experience of writing that it must have some effect for some people.

via Keri

Dead Pool:

As of today is officially dead. I designed and built user interfaces for Sconex for full year before moving on to Sugarloot, which currently still resolves to an IP adress.

Unlike most web designers who jump from project to project I tend to spend large amounts of time on a site and it’s sad too see one go. Sconex had a lot of rough design edges but there was a lot of great work I put in there. I’m still happy with how you could make a quiz. It was simple and intuitive. And the front page was pretty hot too.

It usually good to keep your portfolio fresh though and I guess now’s as good a time as any to trim mine down.