Sorkin Calls for Series Ideas

In a recent interview with GQ Aaron Sorkin mentioned that he was talking to HBO and was looking for series ideas (He was half joking). But I have had a killer idea for Sorkin and HBO would be the perfect place for it. He should redo the West Wing but do it for a poor war torn country in Africa. It would keep all the drama of the West Wing but have a completely different set of obstacles to over come. Pressure from super powers, constant bankruptcy, military takeovers and other problems that only poor African countries have.

Star Trek Online

Oh the early days of an MMO. So full of promise and hope. A time when anything a developer says is a fact about the game. Here are my favorites about Star Trek Online so far:

STO will not be a level-based MMO that will take hours upon hours of mindless, pointless grinding that would go against everything Star Trek stands for.
The game will be designed so that those of us with lives will be able to hold our own against those sad, sorry individuals who sink 60+ hours a week into their MMO.

I’m trying to remember an MMO that didn’t promise both of those things. Come on people? Do we have to get so starry eyed every time?

Books I Am Reading Hits 1,000 Members

Books I Am Reading is tiny site I created to experiment with design and track my reading. With small sites come small mile stones and I’m very excited to have my 1,000th account created.

The community is still very small. Only about 25% of accounts created have added a book. And only 10% have added several books. I’ve talked to several passionate users but I would guess there are no more then 20 or 30 users who use it as a way to truly track their reading.

But for a small web site with many bugs still present this is extremely gratifying.

it’s a trap

"If anyone thinks these two should not be wed speak now or forever hold your peace…"

"It's a Trap!"