OMG Silverhawks DVD

I totally watched this when I was little. Fuck you people with cable. The real action was on network TV. Sadly unlike Duck Tales and Tiny Toons this show does not hold up as well. Who thought up this show? I think it could do with a nice reboot. I can’t decide if I want this on my wishlist or not. (via i09)

123456 Pokemon

123456 Pokemon. Who you going to vote for? Barack Obama!

Books I Am Reading now has Javascript Embeds

Over at Books I Am Reading many people have ask for an easy way to put books on their website so I have moved this feature up in the queue. If you go to the account section you will find 4 embeds: Recent Activity, Currently Reading, Want to Read and Finished Reading.

Just paste that code in to any website that lets you add javascript. Many sites do not allow javascript but most blog platforms do like wordpress or blogger.

If you look at the code there is a count value that you can set to any number to show more or less books.

let me know if there is anyway this widget can work better for you.

Update:The HTML is extremely basic and can be easily styled to your liking. Here’s an example:

and here is the CSS I used:

#booksiamreading ul li {list-style:disc inside; margin-left:20px; line-height:1.5em;} #booksiamreading .biar_title { font-weight:900; font-size:130%; line-height:2em;}