Is 9:30 in the morning to early to say this is the weirdest thing I will see all day?

Christian Nymphos:

we each do have some good friends who have called us abnormal because of how happy we are in our marriage beds. Their attitude is that a wife should just put up with sex once a month or so to keep the husband happy. So for them to hear us praising our husbands and talking about how much we enjoy being with him, they do think we are “against the norm” so to speak. The secular world would probably find us abnormal as well. I mean think about it. We have all of these sexual desires and cravings and yet, we’re only focusing these thoughts on our husbands. We left our mothers and fathers and now are cleaving unto our husbands as God commanded. Our thoughts and urges are directed towards them. So for the people “of the modern, secular, world,” I’m sure they find us abnormal.