NBCNews covers Shutterstock censoring in china

Excited to have @David_Ingram and @NBCNews dive deeper in to what happened at @Shutterstock when it decided to ban search terms in china. Employees and media need to work together to hold companies to account.

And I also want to make a reminder that I care a lot about Shutterstock and my fellow employees. I don’t want to have a controversy to talk about. I just want to build websites with my friends. 9+ years I was able to do that. I wish everything had been different.

NBCNews covers Shutterstock censoring in china



I think Bieber just knighted Splice.

Screenshot of bieber telling laxcity he's part of it now

Shutterstock has blocked me on twitter

Shutterstock blocked me on twitter because I keep talking about their censorship in china but don’t want their customers to know about it. Internally leadership was so proud that they made the right chose for the company but I guess hiding it from customers is also how to make a right choice for the customer? They can’t get upset about what they don’t know!

Screenshot of shutterstock blocking my account since I talk about their censorship in china

My last day at Shutterstock because of censorship in china

Today is my last day at Shutterstock. I’ve been here for nine years but when an ethical dispute remains unaddressed and I have the privilege of being able to move on and I am proud to.

I know two others who are also leaving Shutterstock for the same reason. More are looking to leave and even more wish to leave but don’t think they will be able to.

Shutterstock is typically good at answering questions at company updates but in this instance my questions were deemed not appropriate.

I helped organize a petition that almost 20% of the company signed but zero changes were made.

Many have tried hard to find compromises and middle ground in an effort to make peace with the censorship we now participate in but zero changes have been entertained.

I wish I didn’t feel like I had to leave but I never want to work where I can’t fully get behind the company. I wish my coworkers the best of luck in their struggle to change how the company thinks about censorship.

I’m super proud of all the work I did at Shutterstock from growing Bigstock to building a powerful design tool in Editor. As well as all the work I have done to building culture with my coworkers. It was an amazing journey.



This post, which I posted across social media at about 2pm, got me walked out of the office at 3pm. They could have just waited out the 2 hours I had left.

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