Recently Stefan Bohacek ran a poll to find out how long a post takes to appear to his followers. A great question!

There is no one speed a post is circulated. When a post is made it enters a queue on sidekiq (below) to be sent out to other servers. Those servers receive that message and it goes in a queue to be processed. At peak times these queues can grow thousands of entries depending on how it is provisioned.

My server,, is hosted on cloudplane at the medium level. It has 2 cpus and 8 sidekiq queues.


The Speed Test

To do my own test I wrote a script (code on github) to get all my followers, get all their servers, make a post and then check each server until that post appears. Because mastodon redirects you back to your server when viewing your own profile I instead generated a unique hashtag and then check to see if the page for that hashtag 404s or 200s.

I ran this code at 7:30 on May 10th. There is no way to know the queue status of other servers but my own servers had empty queues.


My post made it to 251 servers over 240 seconds (4 minutes). The average time for my post to appear on another server was 8.6 seconds.

The top 5 fastest servers (in seconds):

  • 0.959 -
  • 0.985 -
  • 1.045 -
  • 1.068 -
  • 1.069 -

The top 5 slowest servers (in seconds):

  • 240.34 -
  • 54.134 -
  • 51.491 -
  • 18.53 -
  • 17.733 -

Notible servers (in seconds):

  • 3.308 -
  • 6.394 -
  • 5.535 -
  • 11.662 -
  • 4.716 -

see the full results dataset here!

I could imagine this being turned into a bot and report some kind of federation health check. Though this does spam the servers with web requests a bit so it seems like something we can just run occasionally to get a feel for the state of the fediverse.

Overall, federation seems to be pretty speedy!