SXSW: Will Wright

Will Wright's presentation was amazing. I am waiting to buy a new computer simply to play this game.

As Billy Whitehead pointed out to me the demo Will was running on his laptop was Release Candidate 2. I'm not sure how many release candidates is normal but I hope to god it's 3. Even though Will has said 3rd quarter 2007 he could always surprise us with an early release.

Of course release candidate means they are just bug fixing for the most part which could be a little sad. One of the cool things you can do in a game is dramatically affect a planet. Such as dumping CO2 in to the atmosphere to heat it up or sculpt the very land.

I would like to go one step further and be able to sculpt the solar systems. Will is always flying around space showing rings around stars that will turn in to planets or gas clouds that will turn in to stars.

I would love to be able to create rocks to form planets, use gravity to affect orbits and stars, spew gas to create stars, or even speed or reverse a stars life cycle.

It currently doesn't seem like these features are included. Though perhaps they could be added on a later date it's too bad it's not part of the base functionality.