I recently had a chance to help Liz Danzico over at AIGA with some podcasts. First one on the block was An Event Apart being held in philly with three of my heroes, Jeffery Zeldman, Eric Meyers, and Jason Santa Maria. While I did little more then cut some audio together and take some work off of Liz’s hands I’m all to excited to be involved with all of it. Check out Jeffery talk about all sorts of crazy stuff and stick around to hear my name at the end! Lets hope this is only the first time my name is in the same place as Jeffery’s.

On another note I’m happy to be helping AIGA get more involved in web design. Hopefully I will be able to not only be able to get the print world to take notice but get more web designers involved in AIGA. So many seem to not join because AIGA doesn’t do much for web design and I hope we can bring the kind of value to AIGA that will give web designers a reason to be more involved.

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