I remember having AOL 1.0 and loving it as much as I hated it. I loved the internet but I could not play online games through their service and web pages loaded so slow. It really felt like a walled garden. Even though TiVo has been out for a while it really has the same feel of early AOL. It’s doing something revolutionary but doing it so haphazardly and poorly that it’s almost not worth it.

I just got a Tivo and you need a phone line to set it up. I don’t have a phone line. Search for setting up a TiVo with out a phone line and you’ll get a ton of results. Most are little help as they are very vague about why it needs the phone line or what exactly they use to set it up with out a phone line. I know there is a way to do it but not with the equipment i have.

A lot of people graduating from college move out of home and get a land line. They get one just because that’s what you do. I’m a leading edge case of some one who knows they will not use a phone line and refuses to get one. The same techy people who makes this leap of reason are the some kind who want TiVo. Yet they don’t seem to want to cater to this group of people. I’ve just ordered a phone line that will take a week to get so I can use my TiVo. I don’t know any one in my building or any one with the same service as me in my area. I’m not going to make friends with people in my building so I can take over their TV for about 10 hours.

I think many people who run in to the same problem get over it eventually. I will not. When I got AOL I immediately started to look to see how I could get off. where could I go to get better service at a cheaper price. I’ve been looking for better options than TiVo for a long time now and I opted against them because TiVo was cheaper and easier to setup. Is it cheaper and easier? I really really want Myth TV now that I have TiVo.

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