aiga_design_conference_2005.gifKottke’s computer is lonely and I’m not all that surprised. The more I work with the AIGA volunteers I really feel that graphic design is really only print design. The fact that I just carried back about 20 pounds of paper samples (I don’t print but I am a freebie whore) isn’t helping my attitude. I think of graphic design as so much more. I think at least any kind of graphics with a commercial focus is graphic design and I’m sure more can be. I want to get more involved with AIGA (perhaps because, like CUB, they have the most money) and I hope to bring a lot more of a web edge to the organization.

If only I had a laptop I would have love to get some of the techy conference feel to it. AIGA’s current try for interaction with the crowd is limited to a wall where people can hang sketches. A good start but not exaxtly the 21st century. John Hockenberry had the essence of the right idea when he talked about emailing his phone and calling people in the crowd for feed back. I’m still not sure if that was a joke or not.

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