aiga_design_conference_2005.gifI’ve run several large events in similar size venues as the main stage for AIGA’s Design Conference but none nearly as elaborate. Video is what really make it hard. There are nine video projectors if you count what is in the living room. Two video cameras so the people in the back can see and seven laptops backstage to make everything work. Switching the feed being output is crazy and it must take a lot of experience to make it run well.

We had a couple of snags backstage with a couple of graphics shown out of order but over all everything was really smooth. I found the mistakes a bit more jarring but I guess that’s just because I wasn’t used to it. Michelle Stanek has been running the show backstage and has been doing an amazing job and has been great at using me as support to make the show run well. I really feel as if I’m helping things run and not just being a waste of space and some times volunteering can seem like. I think it would be awesome to have her job though I haven’t asked how they plan it. If they have one central office or if they just are always calling from all over the nation.

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