Excuse me while I freak out, but I think I deserve it. Beyond actually finding a job the one thing I’m excited about is the AIGA Design Conference here in Boston that I’ve volunteered to help run. With all my large event experience I begged and pleaded to be give tons of responsibility. As every one who runs large scale events knows there is no larger responsibility then being able to properly coil cords or know the correct way to gaffer tape down wires.

Well AIGA was listening because I seem to be on the main stage almost the entire conference and I’m more excited then ever. When not placing water on the stage for Milton Glaser I also get to play with the A/V equipment and I get to do that for over 10 hours 3 days in a row (They’ve promised breaks). Looking at the list of over 60 volunteers it also seems that I am the lone backstage guru and I hope to make a huge difference… and then get elected AIGA president (that’s how it works right?).

So I’m all aglow and excited about a week of so much work I’m going to pass out when I read that Jason Kottke is also going to be at the AIGA Design Conference. Gasp! While I promise not to scream like a 12 year old girl (and my current Degrassi addiction is not upholding that claim) I just might if I meet Jason in the halls. He’s going as a… well, a professional blogger and while I too will be talking all about behind the scenes at AIGA Design Conference 2005 Jason will have some sort of laptop to blog with while I will have to do my blogging from home (at like 11pm when i get home most days). That is unless Jason feels like sharing (He’s so afraid of me right now). Hope to see you there Jason!

On more serious note, I’m interested in AIGA’s invitation to Kottke. As a designer just out of college I had gotten the impression that AIGA is not very big in the field in web design. It just seems like a sea of print designers. I have yet to figure out if AIGA does pay attention to web designers or if by inviting Kottke they are hoping to use his stardom to help give more focus to web design. Either way unless AIGA convinces me there is a lot for a web designer to gain by being a dues paying member I will not be returning for another year since I am currently poor.

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