The offending 7 eleven I’ve come here from a land of 24 hours. A place where diners provided food and some of their best service after 2am. A kingdom where convenience stores never close yet always seemed to have the same employees working there.So last night I’m walking to the local 7 Eleven at 11:30 and what do I find? They closed at 11:30? A 7 Eleven? Do they all do that in Boston? I must say I was rather comforted by the fact that I could go to 7 Eleven when ever I want. Native New Jerseyans know the inverse proportion of how late it is and how much ice cream you want.

I’ll continue to hope last night was a fluke and the man behind the counter simply had to go to the bathroom and that all the lights need to be turned off to hide the super secret door that the public is not meant to know about.

Update: It turns out the hours are till 12am on weekdays (they totally closed at 11:30 on day) and till 2 or 3am on the weekends. I have a feeling most other 7 Elevens in Boston work that way and yet some many listings have them as a 24 hour store. Bah!

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