Hi. I’ve written some twitter bots for fun. If you tweet something that trigger a response from on of my bots just tweet me at @stefanhayden and I will add you to a list of people for my tweet bots to ignore.

  • @GermanWordFor - retweets people who use the "What's the German word for" meme. It's mostly a retorical question but feel free to tweet some German words at those in need.
  • @InternetHugs - Looks for people who are sad or need a hug and tweets them a hug. You can also tweet right at this account to receive some hugs.
  • @Netflix_Suggest - Tweeting out all the great Netflix categories. They have over 93,000 of them. As inspired by this Atlantic article
  • @IdeaBot - retweets people who have ideas for twitterbots.
  • @PardonMyBot - rewteets people who say "Pardon my French"