China Miéville reads my mind

I dislike him for slightly different reasons. But these are good reasons as well that I can get behind:

I've never met [JJ Abrams]. I am not a member of his fan club or anti-fan club. I disliked Cloverfield a very great deal. I disliked Star Trek intensely. I thought it was terrible. And I think part of my problem is that I feel like the relationship between JJ Abrams' projects and geek culture is one of relatively unloving repackaging - sort of cynical. I taste contempt in the air. Now I'm not a child - I know that all big scifi projects are suffused with the contempt of big money for its own target audience. But there's something about [JJ's projects] that makes me particularly uncomfortable. As compared to somebody like Joss Whedon, who - even when there are misfires - I feel likes me and loves me and is on some cultural level my brother and comrade. And I don't feel that way about JJ Abrams.
-China Miéville

Exclude svn files from grep

Grep is confusing enough and does not need to be even harder to use. SVN files are almost always not wanted in a search and just make finding what you want even harder. Luckily you can set a default option.

First jump in to the .bashrc file in your home directory. nano ~/.bashrc

Then add the options for grep in that file: GREP_OPTIONS="--exclude=*.svn-base" export GREP_OPTIONS

Now save and exit the file. Before it will work you need to either restart the session or enter this in the console: source ~/.bashrc

Wave goodbye to all those pesky svn file.