The Wire

When Harry Potter ended I really got in to Wizard Rock to fill the void. Does any one else think there should be some Wire rock bands popping up?


So I’ve been using FireFox 3 (beta 4) which is a little hard as I lean pretty hard on a lot of plugins (and they don’t work in the beta). I can say it’s pretty amazing. Traditionally I use FireFox untill my computer grinds to a halt, which can be several times a day.

FF3 is currently runing at a slim 128mb while FF2 oftain hit 300 or 400 megs. The Vista icons were a bit shocking at first but they are actually quickly growing on me.

David Simon quote

Current favorite David Simon quote:

“Check me out, dog. My cast is 60 percent black and my story is all this dysfunction and I’m filmed in Baltimore and nothing makes sense until episode 4. Come get me.”