Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

Gary V is right about how technology is making it harder to be two faced in any way. These days if you’re famous for being two faced people will start their own blog for you.

Today this is good for consumers as companies can not hide bad practices. In the end I think it will be good for people as they will also have to think more about how they act and treat others. For people it sounds good but who knows the hidden consequences. I know danah boyd has spoken out against this and has done a lot of research in how we speak differently to different groups of people. It’s interesting to read about how television changed politics so radically. Teens especially act and talk differently as they try and define their own personality.

I think things might seem the worst now at the transition then later at the end. Now as some people are more public then other there will be people getting fired for publicly saying the wrong thing or having the wrong pictures up. Over time though as every one levels out to having the same amount of information available certain scandals become less scandalous.

At the very least it will be interesting to see how this plays out over my entire life. My generation is the first to deal with it but it’s hardly going to be the generation that deal with it the best. In the end I think it will all work out and become at least a small net positive if not a large one.