Little Brother Review

Little BrotherI’ve been waiting for Little Brother to come out since Cory podcasted it last year. It has been a long wait but definitely worth it.

One thing I hope comes out of this book is that people push Cory to write more near future fiction. He really shines at that. Down and Out was far future, Some One Comes to Town was present day / magical realism. All were good but his near future story always rock the hardest.

Anda’s game was the first to catch me but Little Brother really sends it home. Cory knows the bleeding edge of technology so well that it’s effortless for his to jump four to eight years ahead. The changes to the world in Little Brother are extremely small and if anything extremely likely.

If anything this book was too short. The second half had several instances where it seemed like things were going to take a unique twist only to to take another twist. I would have liked more time to explore each scenario Marcus almost gets stuck in. I think it might have fit better in to two or three books. Neil also makes some good criticisms you might want to check out.

I think few things live up to a whole year of anticipation but Little Brother definitely did. It’s a super fun book (a boy book no less) and I can’t imagine any teen who likes computers not liking this book.

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