The Business of Being Born

This would have been great if some of it was in Michael Moore file Sicko as it got so much publicity. I’m no expert on medicine but it seem pretty obvious our entire health system is pretty messed up. So it’s no too surprising that birth has the same problems.

It’s even so ingrained that in the book Egalia’s Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes, which tried to reverse all gender stereotypes, the women still had births in a hospital instead of with a midwife.


Books I Am Reading in Beta

I’m now putting Books I Am Reading in to Beta. I was going to try an attempt to do this with some fanfair but think I’ll just go for a quiet beta. Hopfully everything goes well or I might just drop it back to Alpha.

Currently the site works well for my needs but I do know there is alot more stuff to add. Things like comments, reordering of lists and possibly some better way to keep track of friends are the directions I would like to go.

New Avatar Project?!

Great interview over at toonzone with Bryan Konietzko and Mike DiMartino. Although they says they are extremely involved in the Avatar movie I still have my doubts… esp about live action. But they also announced the possibility of a new Avatar Project:

TZN: Can you say if [the new project is] Avatar-related, or is it something new? DIMARTINO: Yeah. It's a new incarnation of the Avatar story.

Hopefully this will be all new story and just not a retelling of Avatar in some other format. This is such good news after hearing the show was ending.

RSS Remixer Finally Released

Dev finally revealed to the world the great RSS Remixer that he himself had been using for weeks now. It’s a really great way to avoid the repetitive need to compile this myself while also avoiding punishing people by putting it all directly in my rss feed.