this is crap

If you need a video, a 2:47 minute video, to show people how to register then it is TOO HARD to create and account (video below).


Amanda Lorber

Yeay Amanda Lorber! I’ll take any more The Paper press they can get. She does seem to write well in her retort. I’ve so far been too lazy to read the high school paper.

Wikia Search vs Mahalo

The new wikia search is pretty cool. With such a large Wikipedia community already in existence I wonder how long until the hand indexed search results are super useful. Mahalo has a slightly different approach but has already executed really well and I have found it to be really useful. Fun watching a new niche emerge.


When I heard the new weezer song I didn’t really like it but I thought I might come around. The more I hear it though the more I hate it. Like really hate it. The album is out now and you can preview the songs on amazon. This really has to be not only the worst weezer album but just a horrible attempt at making music. I have some affection for the Green album and Maladroit and some songs on Make Believe are guilty pleasure worthy but this album is just painful to hear and I refuse to own it.