Tax Cuts: Obama Vs McCain

This is a good breakdown of Obama and McCain’s tax cuts. Are those tax brackets though? It doesn’t seem like it.

Either way the one bias the graphic has that I can see is the “average” at the bottom. Average of what? The bottom 60% has as much weight at the top 1% that makes no sense.

Lets refactor the averages and exclude the top 1% and I think we’ll get something that is a bit closer to a fair look at an average. A real average would have to take the population of each segment in to account but I think that math is beyond me.

After you remove the top 1% these are the new numbers are Obama gives an average 2.5% cut and McCain gives a 1.6% cut. While the numbers are close McCain’s cut clearly skew to the riches people while Obama’s skew to the poorest.

Great Cory Doctorow interview on AVCLub

A lot of the conversations I have with people work this way:

And when you're that kid, you have this conversation that goes "Oh my God, I just saw the most amazing thing!" And you start to explain, and the person you're explaining it to, their eyes go blank. And you go, "Okay, wait a second. You know there's this thing called the Internet, right? On the Internet, there are these things called web pages…" And you go back and back and back until you reach some point where you can communicate it. And you know, if you're talking to a friend or colleague, sometimes they will hear you out, and sometimes they will even catch your excitement.

Great Cory Doctorow interview on AVCLub