Great Cory Doctorow interview on AVCLub

A lot of the conversations I have with people work this way:

And when you're that kid, you have this conversation that goes "Oh my God, I just saw the most amazing thing!" And you start to explain, and the person you're explaining it to, their eyes go blank. And you go, "Okay, wait a second. You know there's this thing called the Internet, right? On the Internet, there are these things called web pages…" And you go back and back and back until you reach some point where you can communicate it. And you know, if you're talking to a friend or colleague, sometimes they will hear you out, and sometimes they will even catch your excitement.

Great Cory Doctorow interview on AVCLub

The WB

So I got in to The WB site’s beta and thought I would just give a quick review. Hulu has set the bar pretty high and no one should be surprised that The WB does not measure up. The site is really dark and the design is a little wonky. The shows’ flash player has a clunky MAC want to be interface and the video is really small.

But even with all of those problems they should have a chance as long as they put tons of video up. And I mean full seasons. Currently they just have a few random episodes of a few WB shows. I hope that’s a result of it being a beta as with out entire seasons I can’t imagine going back.

The do plan on adding some web only shows. I’m a sucker for good web content and so I do look forward to seeing how well they are made.

Over all disappointing and I doubt most will be fixed. But with enough content they should draw plenty of traffic. I know Keri really wants to watch Everwood.