Why Michael Arrington is More Respectable Then BoingBoing

The Violet Blue controversy is mostly at a close now. BoingBoing has addressed it but it has definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.

BoingBoing decided they no longer liked Violet Blue for whatever reason, which is fine, but then went back in time and pretended they never liked her. When BoingBoing cuts you off you are not only dead to them but it’s like you never existed.

Michael Arrington is a known ass but he knows who he is and isn’t about to prentend he didn’t used to like something. In a similar circumstance TechCrunch decided they did not like the AP and would not use their stories anymore. Simplely Michael Arrington called them an ass and moved on. He did not remove every reference to them and pretend he always hated them.

Only BoingBoing and Stephen Colbert believe in Wikiality and the ability to change the opinion you always had. The difference is Colbert is playing a character. What’s BoingBoing’s excuse?

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