Gmail has updated it’s contact manager

Gmail has updated it’s contact manager. It still saves every email address you come across but it stores them separately. I used to have 900 contacts and now I have 200 contacts I have emailed and 700 that have just come across my path. Managing contacts just got a little more sane.

I’ve been waiting for Google to spin out the contact manager as it’s own app for a long time now. There is no good contact manager online and Gmail has treated their as more of an after thought then a well polished feature.

The First Non-Native Candidate

Well it seems official to me that McCain is not a natural born citizen and is technically not able to be president. In regards to McCain in particular I certainly think he is qualified to run even if he does not meet the current standard. McCain’s lawyers argue that technicality was not ever intended but instead of trusting people to follow the spirit of the law congress did move to fix the problem.

It’s these kind of cracks that should let us reevaluate if our standards are correct. I certainly think we could have a much more broadly defined qualification with out much change. That a citizen who identifies with America far more then any other nationality might be sufficient if extremely hard to test for. For the most part I think the election process is enough the rule out anyone who is not viscerally American.