Five Awesome Complainers

With the internet more and more people are getting their 15 minutes of fame and more and more people don’t know what to do with it.

The Five Awesome Guys channel has been hugely successful surpassing The Five Awesome Girls by double with 20,000 subscribers. But on youtube even obscurity can bring horribly mean comments from perfect strangers.

The Five Awesome Guys have stopped making videos which is fine but in addition they have begun a series of videos where they talk about how much they hate their fans.

They will argue that they are only talking about a small part of their fan base but they are making a grave mistake by generalizing.

It’s sad when people are mean to you and I’m sure the five awesome guys are getting thousands of comments from a couple hundred users they wish they were not getting. But letting a small percentage affect your decisions will just annoy everyone.

Talking bad about your fans is never good. Stop being emo guys. If youtube hasn’t taught you to ignore bad comments then I don’t know what will.

Gmail has updated it’s contact manager

Gmail has updated it’s contact manager. It still saves every email address you come across but it stores them separately. I used to have 900 contacts and now I have 200 contacts I have emailed and 700 that have just come across my path. Managing contacts just got a little more sane.

I’ve been waiting for Google to spin out the contact manager as it’s own app for a long time now. There is no good contact manager online and Gmail has treated their as more of an after thought then a well polished feature.