TCNJ’s SFB just aproved CUB’s $125,000 bid for Rihanna

Holy Shit! TCNJ’s SFB just aproved CUB’s $125,000 bid for Rihanna. I know they uped the Student Activies Fund but that’s a lot of money. For reference four years ago when I put on my concert for TCNJ it was around $40,000 which was big money in the day but too little to get an artist anyone wanted to see (I had Kevin Little (who? exactly.)).

Even back then there were talks about getting rid of the concert completly since we did not have the money to fund a real one. Clearly there is a new effort to get the job done and it looks like it will suceed.

The Giant Pool of Money

I’m not a big fan of NPR and This American Life. I find them over produced and oftain about fluff that I don’t care about. Recently they had an episode about the morgage crisis call The Giant Pool of Money that actually worked for thier over produced ways. If you want to know about this mess of money it’s a great hour long show to listen to.