What Should Be The Punishment For Abortion?

Abortion is a complex issue and easy for both sides to get caught up in the fight over what god wants, when life starts, or if women should have agency over their bodies. Because of these complexities so much of the debate is more of a well choreographed chess match. If you open with one argument I come back with an equally caned argument.

Which is why I’ve slowly been reading more and more about the punishment from pro-choice activists. It seems those who want to make it illegal have never thought about the punishment. This video interviews many protesters and almost all have never once thought about what the punishment should be. It interesting to hear people talk about murder yet do not want a punishment harsher then a stern talking to from the government. Very much a government as father figure sort of view.

I don’t know how long this will last though before the anti-choice get their story straight. It would be hard to come up with something that I think even most anti-choice people would agree on. If you say the punishment should be “a small fine” then that seems to be out of sync with murder. But is does seem that most anti-choice protesters are not comfortable with punishments equivalent with murder.

Obama Phonebanking

I’ve been hesitant about calling people for Obama. Currently my dislike of calling people is out weighing my want of Obama to be president. How sad is that? Any way here is a good 101 video of how to phonebank for Obama. I still need more encouragement but it’s a start.

My Best Guess

This is my guess for the 2008 presidential election. Many will say it’s overly optimistic but to say I have high hopes would be understating it. You can make your own map here.

my electoral college map for the 2008 election

For reference here is what the state by state markets say on intrade: