Took me two years to find it but go to your nearest ssh app and do a quick “vimtutor”. It’s the best tutorial I have found because you learn by doing not by reading and memorizing.

Talking Points Memo TV

If youre insterested in the news but are too lazy to read anything other then link agregators then TPMtv is an amazing resorce. Thier day of news in a 100 seconds is the best news cast in the world.

This Best Of… 2008 Presidential Primaries is pretty amazing as well.

Getting a G1 Phone: Part 2

To review we got G1 phones at walmart and were told they would work in 4 hours. That did not happen.

So te next day we truck on over to the T-mobile kiosk where hopfully they know what they are doing. They are clearly annoyed we went to walmart.

So it seems walmart make 2 key mistakes. We wanted to transfer our old numbers from verizon, which takes “48 hours”, so we needed temporary numbers in the mean time. Thoes numbers were never added. We also, of course, wanetd a data plan. Walmart said we only needed one data plan. I wanted that to be true and so belived it. But of course it is not true, you need 1  data plan for each phone.

Never the less the t-mobile person ended up trying to add a second data plan. I still could not login to my google account on either mine or keri’s phone.

Basicly they told us our account was locked untill our numbers transfered. So we went home to wait till saturday when then 48 hours is up.

Right when I got home I tried to login to my phone and it worked. Keri’s phone still does not. We are getting closer.