Google comes to Boston

        <a href="">Sconex</a> moved a couple of doors down the hall to an office twice the size of what we used to be in. Though we now have a small basketball court and a full time make shift ping pong table it still seems like we are going to fill the room up with people quickly.<br /><br />Just down the hall our tiny little old office has a shiny new <a href="">google</a> sign on the door. <a href="">CIC</a> is full of small start ups and I don't know any one who isn't excited to see google joining us in our small space. I'm not entirely sure who google will be moving in to that small space but the rumor is that it will be the mobile phone technology company <a href="">Android</a> that <a href="">google acquired recently</a>.<br /><br /><a href="">Their website</a> has little information about what their technology is and I hope they don't mind showing some of it around the office a bit.<br /><br /><tags>google, boston, sconex, office, Android, mobilephone, cellphone,  cic, cambridge</tags>

Google Calendar

        If I was a calendar I would really really want to be released on January 1st as it's when most calendars start. This might just be wishful thinking on my part but It would be a great birthday <span id="misp_compose_2" class="hmd">present</span> for me. Though if google just wants to let me in to the beta that would also be a nice present.<br /><br /><tags>birthday, google calendar, calendar</tags><br /> link roundup

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Audio: The Battle Over Books

I wanted to watch The Battle Over Books at the New York Public Library. I was sad when I forgot about it and missed it but have been eagerly awaiting the video which has been slow to show up.

The audio is up now though certain parts of it are a little jumpy. From my point of veiw the The Authors Guild seems to just be saying the same thing over an over again. Being the geek I am I will most likely watch the video once that come out as well.