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        If I was a calendar I would really really want to be released on January 1st as it's when most calendars start. This might just be wishful thinking on my part but It would be a great birthday <span id="misp_compose_2" class="hmd">present</span> for me. Though if google just wants to let me in to the beta that would also be a nice present.<br /><br /><tags>birthday, google calendar, calendar</tags><br /> link roundup

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Audio: The Battle Over Books

I wanted to watch The Battle Over Books at the New York Public Library. I was sad when I forgot about it and missed it but have been eagerly awaiting the video which has been slow to show up.

The audio is up now though certain parts of it are a little jumpy. From my point of veiw the The Authors Guild seems to just be saying the same thing over an over again. Being the geek I am I will most likely watch the video once that come out as well.

Problem Solved: TiVo records audio but no video

I recently had a very interesting TiVo problem. Nothing in the FAQ was helpful and I was eve given the run around in the help forums. I was trying to record survivor and was getting audio only and no video. All the connections were correct and everything had power and it was not a local outage.

What happened? As it turned out TiVo was recording the High Definition channel. I do not have HiDef but it seems that Comcast was nice enough to give me the listings and let me listen to the audio. The show was on the same time but just a different channel.

If you are getting great audio and no video be sure you’re not recording the High Definition channel by accident.

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