My new love/hate relationship with Wendy’s

I love Wendy’s. I think out of the 3 burger chains they are by far the best. Through High School and College Wendy’s has earned a large chunk of my cash.

But now they are just being dumb. They’ve restructured their value meals to have 3 sizes of fries and drink. The old medium will now be a small, the old large (or Biggie as the term was) will now be a medium, and they have invented an even larger then large size to be the new large.

These sizes are ridiculous. Do they really need their own anti Wendy’s movie before they take the queue from McDonald’s and start getting healthy and sizing down the meals.

I think this is one of the worst moves they have made in a long time. So far this has made news headlines in several places and is for the most part being ridiculed. Hopefully with enough out cry they will restore order to the Wendy’s kingdom.

Follow the Wold Cup at Work

For those who want to follow the World Cup there are a couple of options.

The FIFA site has a live play by play widget that shows descriptions of what is happening:

"The striker recives the ball from CENTENO Walkter (CRC) and slips Germany's two central defender to fire past LEHMANN Jens (GER) for the second time in this match"

This format might be interesting in baseball (can’t be worse then watching it) it doesn’t really work with soccer. Reading the game like it’s a book is just not exciting.

Google has a great widget for their personalised page that is simple but has all you need. Just a search on World Cup will get you the score of the current games and there is a link for the widget.

It auto update it self with the time in the match, the score, who scored and who’s on the field. It also has tabs for standings and a match schedule.

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Where are all the design jobs?

While I am happily employed it’s been interesting watching the design job listings on 37 signals. It was an interesting choice for 37 signals to start a job posting board and to charge $250 for a 30 listing. They knew they had the eyes and ears of both people in the industry and the people who want to be in it. It’s not hard to see them hosting resumes for another obscene amount of money.

An interesting point about the listing is the order they list the categories. Design is first, followed by programming, with Miscellaneousranked above executive (which is just amusing).

Unlike craigslist all of the listings for the whole world are on the same page which creates a unique view of the world. Where are the people whounderstand the web starting their companies. It seem like all people are talking about the bay area but as the image shows there are startups all around the country.

Here’s a quick map of American and where the 30 listings on 37 signals currently are. I’ve yet to master the Google maps API for a dynamic map based off the rss feed. maybe next time.

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Now with

Welcome to the first step of many in updating this dingy old web site. As I sign up for more and more web services across the internet I slowly lose time I could be devoting to adding content to this site.

This leave me with two options. I could stop using other web services (like and save my links here or I can start to combine these services back in to this site and let me update content here while still using outside services.

The first step is changing up my feed to integrate in to my rss. Now if I update or this blog they will both appear in the rss feed, so subscribe today.

I don’t intend to flood you with new content but hopefully I will finally be able to point out really interesting content that I would not have included with the web site previously.

Update: well it was working for a bit and now something broke... look for it in the near future. OKay that was not as hard as i thought it world be.

Update 2: Sorry for making your rss reader go crazy. I’m 100% sure it’s all fixed now.

Drupal 4.7 Released

Drupal 4.7 was just released. I’ve attempted to use it before and found it extremely complicated. There is no doubt that it’s powerful though and lots of great community sites use it.

It’s seems this release they have a done a lot to make it easier to use though I’ll bet it still has a high learning curve. While they seem most proud of their new ajax goodness I’m interested in checking out their new php templating system.

I’ve gotten very used to the php templating on Wordpress and I’ll be overjoyed if I can figure out how to design with drupal.

Interested? Check out this great screencast of what’s new and how to install.

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