Open Source Music Genome Project

Pandora is a great music service that does a great job of matching up artists and songs to your tastes. Pandora claims to have hundreds categories it calls “genes” in it’s Music Gnome Project.

These genes are a great way to delve deeper in to your own music tastes then you ever have before. Pandora keeps these categories under lock and key though and only shows a few of them for each song.

Though there are probably categories they never show it would great if there was place that showed all the categories they did show to the public.

With that wish I launch the Open Source Music Genome Project. A project that will hopefully blossom into an awesome resource to people who want to better understand the music they are listening to.

Please visit the Open Source Music Genome Project wiki and help organize, add to, and develop a full list of categories and descriptions.

Below is what I have collected so far from Pandora. A small drop in the bucket of the hundreds of categories Pandora have behind the scenes.

Roots punk roots hard boop roots house roots

Influences electronica influences country influences blues influences disco influences west coast rap influences prevalent use of groove

Instrumentation slide/pedal steal guitars acoustic rhythm guitars repetitive melodic phrasing extensive vamping electric guitar solo brass instrument solos soprano sax solo light drumming danceable beats acoustic drum samples simple high hat part electric rhythm guitars prominent percussion electric guitar riffs prominent use of synth electric rock instrumentation mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation

Tone major key tonality mixed major and minor key tonality tonal harmonies

Voice vocal harmonies subtle use of vocal harmony call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony) vocal-centric aesthetic dynamic female vocal emotional female lead vocal performance

Styling radio friendly stylings modern r&b styling

Random highly synthetic sonority mild rhythmic syncopation clear focus on record studio production explicit lyrics tight kick sound dry recording sound Basic rock song structure synth rock arranging

View the Open Source Music Genome Project wiki »

Is GameTap Worth It?

gametapGameTap seems like a cool service that lets you play tons of console and PC games over the internet. It’s all about the selection though. I don’t know if I want it enough yet to pay for it just yet. One down side is that it does not seem they announce new games on the site. How will I know when that killer game I’m waiting for will finally show up? Here’s a list of the game I think I would actually play if I got a subscription.

2020 Super Baseball Baldur’s Gate Conquest: Frontier Wars Heroes of Might and Magic 1,2,3,4 Homeworld 2 Kid Chameleon Myst 1,3, Riven, Uru Populous: The Beginning Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc Sim City 2000 Special Edition SimTower All The Sonic Titles The Incredible Machine: Even More Contraptions The Oregon Trail Tom Clancy Tomb Raider Tropico 1, 2 Wings of War Worms (several different ones)

My Kingdom for Some RSS Feed Stats

Well it took a while for me to really sit down and notice (Okay..Trey pointed it out) but I’m really pissed at Feedburner and wordpress. There just does not seem to be a good way to keep control of you’re readers and still offer all the wordpress feeds.

My ideal set up is that every one subscribes to the default wordpress rss feed and then I redirect them with some server magic. Then if feedburner sucks or something better come along I can just redirect them else where. In addition I still want the comment feeds to work as well.

Wordpress had support for feeds for each comment thread but since the same file serves both the comment feed and the main feed you can’t just send all the traffic to feedburner since they only server the main feed.

There seems no good way to track stats on the feed and keep the full functionality working.

Some one really needs to come up with a stat program for feeds. Either some code I can install or anything that will give me stats as well as the full functionality of wordpress rss.

Update: Matt Shobe from Feedburner kicked my ass in the comments below and showed me exactly what I wanted. It’s really hard to no like a company when they fix all your problems. Thanks Matt!