Eric Pasternack is an Ass and His Future Employers Should Know

If you google the name Eric Pasternack you don't get many results. A blogger account, a SGA forum profile, a link to the Signal article where he become SGA president. Nothing special.

This is a small notice to any one doing a search for Eric Pasternack. Recently he has sued The College of New Jersey for being removed from office. He broke TCNJ policy which is unacceptable for it's student leaders and should accept the consequences.

This is not the first sign of his despicable and child like behavior. I have been told a story where a liberal student organization was trying to show Out Foxed. They had trouble setting up the equipment and Eric mocked them pointing out his ability to operate the equipment himself. This kind of attack on a fellow students shows how low Eric is willing to go.

Most Students agree as they voice their opinion to TCNJ.

In an age where all the mistakes you make will be well known to any one who want to know them you should make sure they are honest mistakes and not malicious ones that can haunt you later.