The New Google Reader

I always get a little excited when google come out with a great product because it's just nice not to need to remember to go to another website. There are only 2 websites I really care about, my email and my feed reader. Currently Bloglines and Gmail fill this roll.

Previously google came out with a feed reader at it seems like it was targeted more at armature feed readers. Technorati has a similar idea going.

I am not an armature. I have 300 feeds that I do a half decent job of keeping up with. Google has updated their feed reader to come in line with the most popular readers.

Some of the stand out features are that it does not count a post as read until you scroll past it in the reader and other small things like button to jump to the next story.

One thing that really surprises me is though they look very different there doesn't seem to be a large difference between Bloglines and Google Reader.

So what is the difference? In my opinion the difference is the layout. Bloglines has it set up so it uses the entire window for selecting and reading feeds. While google demands to use some of the window for their navigation. Basically Bloglines gets out of my way completely.

bloglinesGoogle Reader

Winner: Bloglines