People Don’t Want to Relearn an OS

An interesting article about a guy who switched to MAC and is now switching back. Of course the MAC community is all over this picking on everything from his factual inaccuracies to his grammar.

Sure he was wrong about a lot of stuff he could not get his MAC to do but it's not really the point. The is, and will always be, that he knew how to use a PC and now he's back to square one with a MAC.

MACs are "easier" but MAC users forget how much easier it is to stick with windows which people already know. I mean there is better health care in Scandinavia but I don't see every one moving there. You'd have to learn a new language, new laws, a new town, get new friends.

Windows will be around for a long time simply because people know how to use it and very few people want to start over and relearn a new operating system.

jQuery and Its Amazing CSS 3 Support

John Resig stopped by Refresh Boston and gave a jQuery demo. It turns out its amazing but it has a flaw.

While it's super short and easy to use it also has full CSS 3 support which means any CSS selector on this list can be used.

CSS 3 selectors? No browser even does that! I know I'm not supposed to use Javascript to style html elements but the draw of CSS 3 selectors is almost too strong to resist.

I only hope I'm strong enough to resist.