Skyland is Disappointing

I had mentioned before that I was excited about Skyland, a new animated show on NickToons. The show's premise is that earth has shattered in to millions of little pieces that orbit around the core which is just a very inventive idea to build on. The show is beautiful rendered in all 3d. The back grounds are stunning and the cell shading on the characters is awesome.

Sadly it ends there. The writing is horrible and stiff and it's not helped buy the bad voice acting. The characters are poorly animated and seems jerky and removed. It's a little painful to watch and I can't say I'll be watching many more in the future. Makes me glad that Avatar gets every element of their show just right.

PvP to come out with Animated Series (Video After The Cut)

PvP, one of the top online comics, is coming out with it's own animated shorts. Season 1 will come out once a month and be 4 - 6 minutes each. I just purchased mine and you should do that same.

I'm excited about this for a number of reasons. Though I stopped following PvP I've always been a fan and I've always thought it would work better animated.

One of the best part of this in my opinion is that the PvP series has not been fully produced yet but is funning it self though pre-orders. While this might sound risky to people new to PvP I am not worried at all.

PvP has maintained high quality for years and I know Scott will bring that through to the new animated series. I've been saying Joss Whedon should do this for years. I'd give Joss $50 or $60 to produce any TV show he likes and Keri would do the same for Judd Apatow. I truly hope PvP issues in a new era in entertainment production.

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Nintendo Wii Adventures

The day it came out I got a Nintendo Wii and have been greatly enjoying it. The motion sensor is very sensitive and you can get some great control out of it. The Wii Sports game that comes with the system is a great set of mini games that really gets everyone excited about the system. I brought it to work and Thanksgiving and it was a big hit every where even though I only own one controller.

I also went out and got a Gamecube controller and memory card so I could play Zelda: The Windwaker. It's a great game and works great on the Wii. I've also downloaded Mario 64 and used the Gamecube controller to play it and it plays great.

Over all it's been a very big video game week. I haven't played this many video games since before college.