Japan Laughs at Steve Jobs’ Decade Old Technology

Steve jobs and the iphoneWhile Apple is busy "revolutionizing" the cell phone Japan is busy laughing at us. It's sad that America is so far behind in technology.

I can only imagine how much we would make fun of a country if they started talking about this great invention called Cable TV that will revolutionize TV in their country.

The worst part is if you look at every way America is behind on technology it's alway because of politics. Cellphones, internet speeds, and music and entertainment industries are all so far behind in America simply because we've enacted so many laws to protect those industries.

Why do we let the government coddle these industries?

Song A Week: Week 2

Song 2: Time You Have Been Wasting (MP3) This will be my first entry in the female lead singer category. And it will not be my last. The Salteens also have a male vocalist that helps add alot of texture. I feel that bands that use both a male and female vocalist can do more then other bands can. Not only is this a solid power pop band but they are also straight out of Canada where so mush great music hides with out making it’s way in to the USA.

DVD Commentary: Election

Election PosterElection is a wonderfully odd movie with Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon and Directed by Alexander Payne who also directed such great movies as Sideways and About Schmidt.</p>

This DVD Commentary is really about Alexander Payne's directing and writing and directing process. Alexander is extremely well spoken and does a good job of mixing his commentary with out completely blotting out the movie in the background. I had not seen the movie in a long time and the way Alexander's comments intermixed with the actual audio made it easy to remember what happened.

Very few commentaries are worth listening to but this is definitely worth it if you have any interest in either Election or how directors come to create their own voice.