Bill Richardson: WebDesign Analysis

Bill Richardson

The Freakonomics blog linked to a NYTimes article (Times Select, those bastards) about New Mexico governor Bill Richardson and how he might be able to rise above the Clinton/Obama punch out and take the Presidency. He seems to have tons of experience and holds up very well against the Republicans.

What does his website look like? Very very red, white and blue. Painfully so. He didn't starting adding random colors like John Edwards but his design team committed to the presidential colors a little to strongly.

In general his design is all over the place. The layout is clean but the colors overpower it. The entire header is poorly done. The gradient on the red bar just seems cheezy and amature.

Oddly enough farther down the page it improves. His icon for Donate is one of the best designed things on the site and the stars next to the titles below are also a tasteful touch.

His Logo font is a standard democratic serif font with very soft, rounded serifs. Why so many Democrats use this kind of font continues to baffle me. A rounded serif just feels indecisive, as if they couldn't chose serif or san-serif. Republicans always do better with their hard serifs.

The website will not keep him from winning but it would definitely be a loss for future presidential websites.