Contact Manager

in 2007 I complained that the Gmail Contact manager was sadly under powered. Happily it steadily improved and by the time the G1 phone came out it was really robust.

Today they finally spun it out of gmail and it’s now a standalone app. And at this point it’s pretty full featured. You can merge contacts, add tons of meta info, create groups. They’ve added everything I have wanted and now any new feature will just be icing.

The only complaint I do have is more about the G1 which currently has no built in use for the groups feature and I wish it did as it would be a little easier to find things without having to bust out the keyboard to search.


I have this thing I do where I look down at people who can’t handle their umbrella. It’s not that hard to not have it turn inside out. You just point it in to the wind. Come on people!

Today the wind got a little… well lets not make excuses but my umbrella tuned inside out and I broke a streak of that not happening that is I don’t know how old. OLD.

Speaking of streaks people keep track of I have not thrown up in forever either. And haven’t really cried since I saw the last episode of Six Feet Under back in… 2007? I know most people don’t see that as an accomplishment but it’s still something to be noted.

The internet is alive with blogging and I currently feel a little left out.