Kottke Afraid to Reveal His Secrete Sauce

Kottke updated his links on his front page but only shows a random sampling of the whole list. Being the Warren Buffet rss subscriptions Kottke has doomed me to constantly refreshing his page in hopes of finding all the hidden ingredients of his website. How else will I find good rss feeds to invest my time in? (I'm loving this analogy!)

Where is the love Jason? Let us see all your links!

Urban Myth: Dented Cans Contain Botulism

Stop telling me dented soda cans will give me Botulism. It's not going to happen:

In the United States an average of 110 cases of botulism are reported each year. Of these, approximately 25% are foodborne, 72% are infant botulism, and 3% are wound botulism. Outbreaks of foodborne botulism involving two or more persons occur during most years and usually are caused by eating contaminated home-canned foods. - (Via Wikipedia)

110 cases? 72% infants? That’s only like 27 adults. Or 1 out of every 11 million people (approx.)