The Evolution of Kunoichi In Understanding Women

It's really been amazing watching the the women's version of Ninja Warrior, Kunoichi. There seems to be very little info about the show available online but just by watching it you can make some interesting conclusions.

Clearly the woman's version was an after thought. It was fairly impossible for women to get farther then the first stage because the course was designed for men. The focus was upper body strength and height (with height not really being a skill).

Finally they made a whole course for women to go with their own show. It was one of the most insulting things I had ever seen. The course was fall over easy and seemed to focus mainly on balance and luck (with luck not really being a skill). Clearly they did not intend to insult women and over time they made improvements.

The latest course on Kunoichi was an amazing celebration of the skill women have with both balance and agility. Rotating balance beams, trampolines, and floating platforms would be challenge for anyone but truly focused on the skills women excel at.

It took several season for the course to evolve in to something respectable. It's such a shame that we can develop an interesting course for men from the get go but e need to think really hard to get something that is focused on women's skills with out being insulting. It just show how out of touch with women we really are.

Social Network Registration Dates

When did you do your first google search? I wish I knew. As the internet gets older we're going to look back on it more. Since I send such a crazy amount of time online I look back and try and see where I fit in the history of the web. This great post at Wisdump about the The Ebb and Flow of Social Networking really got me thinking about where I fit in the flow.

I had fun going back and seeing when I joined different services that are significant on the web.

myspace: sept 13, 1994, facebook: November 15, 1994 digg: april 25, 2005, youtube: december 31 2005, friendster: august 2004