OMG Safari for the PC. I hate Safari

OMG Safari for the PC. I hate Safari. Besides that after seeing Firefox render differently on mac, pc, and linux and IE rendering differently everywhere I can't imaging safari will be pixel for pixel between the mac and pc. My god another illegitimate bastard browser to check up on.

I Love Four Eyed Monsters

I watched Four Eyed Monsters this weekend since it was up on youtube and it took over my whole day.

Four Eyed Monsters is not a documentary but is a autobiographical story of Arin and Susan that include a lot of the original artifacts (video/writing) that they created before and during their relationship.

The amazing thing is the movie continues. Since the story is about their immediate past the production of this movie is directly related to the movie. There is tons of podcasts and behind the scenes stuff online but I think I'm going to have to buy the dvd to show people.

Oh and even better Susan is from Malden which is where I currently am as well.

I Want HTML Emails

No matter hoe much people argue against html email I remain unconvinced. Zeldman's arguments remain unconvincing:

E-mail was invented so people could quickly exchange text messages

Wasn't that was the entire internet was originally for? The internet wasn't designed for streaming video, maybe we should stop doing that too?
I like html emails and I'll bet there are tons of other who do as well. The internet is doing tons of things it was never designed to do, why should that stop email?

TED Movie is Disapointing

TEDI've always been a big fan of the TED conference videos online. I'm a big fan of long interesting talks about seemingly dull subjects. Based on this I hoped the new TED movie The Future We Will Create: Inside the World of TED would be just as good. Sadly it just comes off as a 73 minute advertisement for the conference. They would have been better off just highlighting some of the bes speeches. I was vary disappointed.