Bring Comics Online Before They Die Offline

Gen 13The people over at Cover Browser have put in tons of hours to compile a site of over 70,000 covers. This site just highlights how hidden comics are online that it take hundreds of hours to get this information on one site that then silos the information away so other people can't access it. Where is the Google Comic Books?

Why Isn't Marvel and DC getting more comic info online? I loved comics in high school back when all people could talk about were foil covers and how people we're going to retire by selling their Gen13 #1 comic. Now comics are in another downturn after not even recovering from the last one.

If Marvel and DC started their own social network with all the info from the archives it would be huge. There is no good online space for comic fans. There are a few small social networks who are trying to build a database of the entire history of comics and it's such a large undertaking that they seem doomed to failure.

Some one needs to bring comics online before they die offline.