Crazy Gymnastics

How is this not in the Olympics?


Patton Oswalt On Being Obsessive

Wow. Patton Oswalt and I have a lot in common with how we live our lives.

In this Sound of Young America episode Patton Oswalt talks about how he gets supper obsessed and geeky about stuff and in a very completest sort of way where he has to own it all.

I fell the same way when I get in to a book series. I can't start them unless I'm ready to read them all eventually. Or with watching tons of TV or attempting to read every web site as they update in real time.

Even more interesting is he talk about his wife is the same way but about different stuff. Keri is the same way. Super excessive about harry potter and young adult literature.

Some things we obsess about together and other things we can't fathom ever being interested in. Patton really voiced his opinion on living life that way in a light I had not thought of it before.

If you find your self getting supper obsessed with stuff definitely listen to Patton talk about his experiences with it.