Filter Bloggers

I had the link blog for awhile, but nobody read it
- Rafe Colburn

Alot of people seem to have the problem of feeling uncomfortable in thier blog. They enjoy it but it always seems as if something stands in the way of making it as quick as it should be. has basically become link blogs for the masses but it's just one kind of filter.

A while ago Jason did a kind of overview of the two different types of bloggers.

It really seems like the two kinds of blogging are fundamentally different.

journal-style bloggers like the open text field to write in and communities like livejournal and vox.

filter-style bloggers have tried to live in their world of open text boxes but lately there has been a lot of movement toward really looking at filter-bloggers closer.

Tumblr is a great example of facilitating easy and fast filtering. It really makes my wordpress install feel like it's dragging it's feet.

It's odd watching this functionality come around so slow. Eyebeam started reblogging back in 2003 but th interface was so awkward no one seem to use it beyond eyebeam (a great blog by the way).

Some how I doubt Tumblr will be the last word on the topic. Being a filter blogger myself I hope for some sort of killer app that lets me integrate my current content.

I remember the moveable type fall out (when I started blogging) and all those apps to port your posts from MT to WP. I'll definitely need something like that to convince me to switch in the end.