DecicationDedication (video) - Justin Theroux (dir.), Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Martin Freeman, Dianne Wiest

I can't tell if this movie looks good or not. I want to like it but something about it really makes me think of Four Eyed Monsters. Something about the editing, music, and story just have that feel to it. If it's ripping them off I'm gonna be a little pissed like I was watching Dark City after I had seen the Matrix (The Matrix ripped them off). I think I fall on the side of excited though just cause Mandy Moore look absolutely stunning in this movie.

WoW Choreography Reference

This is a really great video showing the reference material Blizzard used for the WoW dance moves. With choreography having the ability to be copyrighted I'm surprised that they have not been sued. (via Wonderland)


I want to like AideRSS, an rss ranking service, but they are just too vague on how the service ranks posts

I want to like AideRSS, an rss ranking service, but they are just too vague on how the service ranks posts. Feed reading is such a niche power user activity that they want to know more about the secrete sauce before they commit to it. Though I think part of my problem is that I am a filter style blogger and I want to be the one finding obscure post and shining a light on them.

Current Tabs I Have Open

  1. Gmail - I never close this tab... ever. I swear it's javascript running 24 hours a day could fill an ocean of memory leaks.
  2. iStockPhoto - building some graphics for SugarLoot
  3. Google Reader - Another tab I use a lot along with more javascript memory leaks.
  4. SugarLoot Admin page - updating contests
  5. This Blog - writing this post and kept open for quick link posting.
  6. Obligatory Random Article - Always have at lest one open. This time it's Bruce Sterling's Dispatches From the Hyperlocal Future. Hard not think of Harvey Feldspar as Jason Kottke.
  7. Writely (currently google docs) - I'm definitely a google whore but in my defense I still think of it as Writely. My NaNoWriMo book from 2 years ago is open which I frequently open and pretend like I'm going to write more. I only have 6k words and most of it is notes. I'm not doing very well there.
  8. SugarLoot - viewing my changes from the admin page.
  9. Google - Spell checking words that I've spelled bad enough to baffle FireFox's spell check which I don't consider very strong. Google's algorithm can help me spell anything though.