All Girl Welding Camp

You never see videos about boys leaning how to crochet. Anyway this camp looks pretty awesome.


DecicationDedication (video) - Justin Theroux (dir.), Billy Crudup, Mandy Moore, Tom Wilkinson, Martin Freeman, Dianne Wiest

I can't tell if this movie looks good or not. I want to like it but something about it really makes me think of Four Eyed Monsters. Something about the editing, music, and story just have that feel to it. If it's ripping them off I'm gonna be a little pissed like I was watching Dark City after I had seen the Matrix (The Matrix ripped them off). I think I fall on the side of excited though just cause Mandy Moore look absolutely stunning in this movie.

WoW Choreography Reference

This is a really great video showing the reference material Blizzard used for the WoW dance moves. With choreography having the ability to be copyrighted I'm surprised that they have not been sued. (via Wonderland)