Jena 6 case in Louisiana

I only heard about the “whites only tree”. Clearly there is much more to this story then was reported. This seems like this is one racist town. (via Feministing)

$100 Rebate And I Still Hate Apple

Apple will never stop astounding me. The price of the iPhone drops $200 after 2 months. The people who were suckered in to buying are give half that ($100) in store credit. And people are so happy they can’t believe it. If it were me I’d want my $200 back in real money and not Steve Jobs dollars.

Where Is The Internet’s History Going?

All and all I don't think this is that great a video. The song isn't that great and if you don't know a reference it seems like it would be fairly hard to track down. I do think it is important to note that recently a lot more lists of internet fads have been popping up.

Things on the internet move so quickly and leave just as fast. I often worry if people are taking the time to properly document what is happening before it disappears forever.


Google Reader Redesign

Google Reader went though a little tiny redesign. One of the things they changed was their loading graphic. The old one was very cute and had bubbles coming out of a beaker since the reader is still part of google labs.

The new loading graphic is a smaller graphic at the top of the page. But it look a little odd. Reader has a little shading on the top of the page and google just puts a flat color graphic on top.

With just a little added shadow like I show below I think the graphic really blends in to the page better. A small detail like that can really help polish the over all feel of a site. Google has been traditionally good at consistent feel which is why I think this loading graphic really stands out.


I really also think the loading graphic is way too close to the drop down box but reader is trying to fit a lot of information on the page and so it might just be a needed trade off for a temporary image.

I assume they changed the graphic in the first place to conform with the company style guide but honestly I like the old loading graphic and I miss it.