CoScripter Sucks

CoScripter sounds like a cool extension but if you look at the top scripts they really are not that exciting. No to mention that it completly killed my firefox performance. I can’t believe it slowed down so much after installing it.

Global Dimming Documentary Is Despressing

Really the only part of global warming that we have put any effort in fixing is clean air. It turns out all that polluted air was blocking out the sun up to 10% and above.

But as our air gets cleaner more sun is speeding up the global warming effect. This is a pretty devastating blow to how well we thought we were doing in starting to clean the earth up. (via Long Views)


Jena 6 case in Louisiana

I only heard about the “whites only tree”. Clearly there is much more to this story then was reported. This seems like this is one racist town. (via Feministing)

$100 Rebate And I Still Hate Apple

Apple will never stop astounding me. The price of the iPhone drops $200 after 2 months. The people who were suckered in to buying are give half that ($100) in store credit. And people are so happy they can’t believe it. If it were me I’d want my $200 back in real money and not Steve Jobs dollars.

Where Is The Internet’s History Going?

All and all I don't think this is that great a video. The song isn't that great and if you don't know a reference it seems like it would be fairly hard to track down. I do think it is important to note that recently a lot more lists of internet fads have been popping up.

Things on the internet move so quickly and leave just as fast. I often worry if people are taking the time to properly document what is happening before it disappears forever.